Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stock watch 10/7/2015

CRZO - Over extended daily chart, will be looking to short. would like to see a gap up and para buy at
              open towards $44/$45 then look for higher lows to confirm the back side of trade to take a short.

EXAS - Will be looking for a continuation play, stock broke a key level $17.50s i think this still has more
              to the down side. my plan will be a G/R type of move or short on pops.

OAS - Same plan as CRZO, would like to see a push at open towards $15 to look for a short.G/R

PACB - Plan for this stock will be... would like to see a para move towards $7.00/.50 seems to be the
             resistance level. now depending if the stock goes parabolic i will add short front side of the move
             if not i will be looking for higher lows.

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