Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stock watch 10/01/2015

FIT - Nice bounce today off the $35 support, will be watching for continuation. would like to see a
          washout at open then a R/G move. will be watching for dips.

AHS - $29.20s held today, this one can go either way but will be looking for a bounce play. will be watching
           for dips and good R:R to go long.

HLTH - If market continues to bounce ill be watching this one for a breakout over $5.50s. plan would be
             a R/G move or add on dips.

OPXA - I will be watching this one for a short, ideal plan is a gap and fade, will be shorting on pops.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stock watch 9/24/2015

POT - Oversold chart, will be looking for a bounce ideally a wash out at open and add if we get a trend started to the upside.

CANF - Nice close today, will be looking for continuation adding on dips if it trends well.

PCRX - Another oversold stock, same plan as POT will be looking for a washout at open and if we see a trend start to the upside will add on dips.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stock watch 9/23/2015

VBLT - Over extended chart, will be looking for another push at open ideally a gap  up then fade to take short.

DEPO - Beat chart had a $4+ move in two days. Will be looking for a r/g type move.

LJPC - Looking to short but not right off the bat, will be looking to join weakness on a late day fade.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Stock watch 9/22/2015

LAKE - Overextended chart with no real pullback. ideally would like a gap up at open towards $16/.50
              with a para buy to look into getting short.

WGBS - awesome breakout today with vol, will be looking for continuation. would like a wash out at open
              then look for trend back up to add on dips.

FIT - Looking for continuation to the down side if market continues to drop. will be looking for g/r move.
         ideally a pop at open then fade and shorting on spikes.