Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stock watch 6/22/2015

BCRX - Extended chart, will be looking to short
            * Ideally i would like this stock to gap up in the AM or para at open towards
               $16.50/$17 to take a short. ONLY PARA

BITI - Recent IPO up almost 40%in 3 days. will be looking for a pullback to short
        * Same plan as BCRX, would like the stock to parabolic towards $25/.50 to take a 
           short position.

UNVR - Knew stock, up big last 2 days. will be looking to short.
            *will be looking for a parabolic open towards $27.50/$28 to consider a short.
              but will be patient because this stock still has a lot of room to the upside. another plan 
              is to play the back side of move. 

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